HAFbio Construction​

HAFbio filter is built in a container form and can function on two levels:

1. chilled air purification temp. from 0 to approx. 50° C
2. hot air cleaning temp above 50° C

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How it works?

In the standard HAFbio option, the first section of the bed is inoculated with microorganisms for which the odorous gasses are food.
Microorganisms colonised in the filter bed transform odorous compounds into harmlessly odourless chemicals. The entire filtration process through HAFbio is based on gas passing through the successive layers of the beds.
In the high-temperature version, the HaloSorb resin acts as a molecular sieve, absorbing the malignant compounds.

Jak działa biofiltr

Microorganisms on the surface of the sorbent and inside the sorbent can decompose practically 100% of the malignant odours.

Filter beds

Unlike activated carbon filters, HAFbio filters with the HaloSorb bed are not sensitive to moisture, they even require moist to be present at a certain level.

Odor removal effectiveness​

HAFbio performance achieved during ETV verification tests:


Increasing the number of sections (total bed thickness and thus the retention time of air in it).

Doing so increases effectiveness.

HAFbio with three filtering sections

HAFbio with four filtering sections

HAFbio with five filtering sections


HAFbio allows adding further modules/sections, thus increasing the filtering surface of the device.
Doing so increases efficiency.


Control and measurement equipment (pressure – standard, temperature and humidity – optional)

Automatically controlled bed sprinkler system (standard)

Display of measurement and control equipment