Short reaction time and high efficiency

Our company has qualified employees with extensive experience in the construction, assembly and operation of HAFbio devices.
As part of the services of our mobile service and assembly group, we offer:
– Installation service of the purchased device at the customer’s site
– Training of employees in the use of the device
– Periodic inspection of filters and biofilters
– Any repairs of the devices
– Current and periodic services of HAFbio
– Replacement of cartridges and collection of used cartridges.


The filter over time is subjected to natural wear, due to its sorption capacity and the air flow may decrease as well. This is caused by excessive growth of biological membranes due to various types of biological pollutants, liquids and dusts. After finding a significant reduction in efficiency and / or effectiveness of the HAFbio filter, the lowest filtering section should be replaced by lowering the higher one. After replacing the worn-out bed, the previously removed section should be placed on top.